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Keith Thompson

Email: Keith.Thom[email protected]

Phone: 77o.651.2711

Retired law enforcement officer. Worked for Fulton County Police& Office of the Governor. Began teaching in 2ooo in Cobb County, transferred to Douglas County in 2o1o. 

1st Block - Planning
2nd  LE1
3rd LE2
4th LE3

LE1 Course description 
Students wishing to pursue a career in Law and Justice will examine the basic concepts of law related to citizens’ rights and officers’ responsibilities to maintain a safe society. This course begins with a study of various careers in public safety. The course will explore the history and development of law enforcement in the United States. Students will then examine the components of the criminal justice system, including the roles and responsibilities of the police, courts, and corrections. Additionally, students will learn the classification and elements of crimes. Students will receive instruction in critical skill areas including communicating with diverse groups, conflict resolution, the use of force continuum, report writing, operation of police and emergency equipment, and courtroom testimony. Career planning and employability skills will be emphasized. 

LE2 Course description
This course emphasizes the structure of the American legal system while examining constitutional legal issues. Students will explore the difference between common and statutory law in the context of how legal precedent is established. The course will explore the rights of citizens guaranteed by the United States and Georgia constitutions. Students will also evaluate the powers granted to the police and the restrictions placed upon them by the respective constitutions and their amendments. Specific topics of discussion will include search and seizure, arrests, interviews, interrogations, and confessions in the context of criminal prosecution. Major emphasis will be placed on the role and decisions of the United States Supreme Court. Students will utilize reading, writing, and critical thinking in the analysis of cases in a mock trial. In addition to legal issues, students will be exposed to advanced law and justice skills.
LE3 Course description
This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore the basic processes and principles of a criminal investigation. Students will learn the legal responsibilities and challenges of the patrol officer, investigator, and crime scene technician at a crime scene. Students will learn the importance of preserving and documenting the crime scene along with the identification, collection, and processing of evidence and the contribution to the criminal investigation. This course is one of two choices that may be selected for the law enforcement pathway. The prerequisites for this course are Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security, and Criminal Justice Essentials.

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