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    The FAME visual arts program is designed to give students a broad range of instruction in drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture, and two dimensional design. Moreover, the art program provides an educational and sequential curriculum that integrates the study of art history, criticism, production and aesthetics. A portfolio of individual work is initiated at the beginning of study in lower level courses and is developed throughout the program. All upper level students are provided the opportunity to earn college credit through their Advanced Placement Portfolio course.

    A portfolio is just a collection of works, you will upload your collection of works here.
    You will be submitting a total of 6 works of art created recently.

    One piece should be a still life drawing in pencil.  Please choose 3-5 objects from around your house and set them up on a table or surface for you to look at while drawing.  The still life should be done from observation and not imagination.  This means these should be actual objects on an actual table that you are physically sitting in front of.  Please do not draw from an image.  These can be any objects of any size but please aim to draw them as accurately as you can.  This drawing should also include value/shading.  The artist should observe the values they see, including the highlights, mid-tones, and shadows, and reproduce them as accurately as possible in their drawing.

    One piece should be a realistic drawing of a shoe, from observation, including the values that you see.  This should not be just an outline.  The artist can pick any of their shoes and can pick the point of view in which they draw it.  They should be paying attention to the proportions and the details.  This drawing should also be from real life observation and not from a digital image.  The drawing should be done in pencil and finished by creating value/shading.

    One piece should be an imaginative work created entirely by the artist.  This should not be something created for a project or copied from something already created.  This should be something the artist came up with completely from their own creativity! This can be made from any traditional medium (ex.  Pencil, paint, colored pencil, pastel, etc.)

    The last three works are open for you to submit three of your best other works. These should be recently created to show the level that you are currently at.  These pieces can be any media and should show us your range and passion as an artist. These can include sketches or sketchbook pages of original designs or drawings if you feel that best shows off your skills.
    Additional Works can be any medium for example : pencil, pen and ink , color pencil, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics, relief block prints, fashion work, photography, original character design, etc.

    Things To Consider and Additional Guidelines:
    Please submit no more than one Photograph and or one digitally created works.
    No Copying or tracing will be accepted or considered.
    When looking at your portfolio we will be looking at composition, proportions, attention to detail, value, and imagination.
    Remember that all works should be photographed and presented in a way that's neat, clean, and unwrinkled.
    Put forth your best effort.  A neat, well organized and complete portfolio will be more likely to be accepted.

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