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NMHS AP/Honors Summer Assignments 2022
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 Terry O'Malley
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Class Schedule:1st Semester 2019
First Period - Planning
Second Period - Honors British Literature
Third Period - AP Literature
Fourth Period - AP Literature 

Course Descriptions:
Honors British Literature - This is a rigorous class of reading, analyzing, and writing with a focus on living poets, drama, novels, and college-level vocabulary study. We are preparing for your student to have a successful first year of college. 

AP Literature - This is a college-level course with a rigorous study of poems, novels, and dramas from the 1700's to present day.  We also study college-level vocabulary,and we are preparing  for the AP Literature exam in May by writing essays and practicing multiple choice questions with a focus on literary analysis. 

I have taught English in Douglas County for 29years. My first 20 years were at LSHS, and I have been at NMHS since we opened nine years ago. Time has flown because I have had, and continue to have, the best students in the world!!! I truly feel blessed to come to work each day!!!

I am a Glammy to three precious "glam-children," mother to two wonderful sons, MIL to two amazing daughters-in-law, sister to my best friend, and sister-friend to several spectacular women! I am also an usher at the Fox Theater, I serve in the cafe of my church, and I love to hike and travel. I truly am living my best life and I absolutely love being a teacher at NMHS!!!

AP Lit: sites.google.com/dcssga.org/omalleyaplit

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Honors Brit Lit: sites.google.com/dcssga.org/omalleyhbl

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