Entrepreneurship Pathway



Level 1 - Intro to Business & Technology

Introduction to Business & Technology is the foundational course for Business and Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resources Management pathways. The course is designed for high school students as a gateway to the career pathways above and provides an overview of business and technology skills required for today's business environment.

Level 2- Legal Environment of Business

Legal Environment of Business addresses statutes and regulations affecting businesses, families, and individuals. All students will benefit from the knowledge of business law as they will eventually assume roles as citizens, workers, and consumers in their communities and in society at large. 

Level 3 - Entrepreneurship

How do you turn an idea into a business? Experience just that in this course! Entrepreneurship focuses on recognizing a business opportunity, starting a business, operating and maintaining a business. Students will be exposed to the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation in this course as they will either be the business owner or individuals working in a competitive job market in the future. Integration of accounting, finance, marketing, business management, legal and economic environments will be developed throughout projects in this course.